The Opportunity For Brands on TikTok is NOW

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TikTok is here and it’s not only the fastest growing social platform but it’s also the fastest growing app in the world.

My initial reaction was… “okay great, kids are now making their own music videos”. That was until I saw the staggering download and usage numbers attached to it. Like most marketers (outside of high school), I wrote off this new millennial-mad craze… until I downloaded it.

The first time I used TikTok, I came up for air half an hour later having been engrossed in the video feed. Despite only using it for ‘research’, I can understand why the platform is growing in popularity and time in-app.

Now that I’ve had a little more time to explore the platform, here is why brands need to consider embracing TikTok…

1. Those Influencers and Brands that are investing the appropriate resources to create killer content are going viral. Take, for example, the NFL – who have already amassed 2 million followers – and have a dedicated team of seven, purely to create content for the platform. TikTok is like a throwback to when the virality of a post was down to how good the content was – not the algorithm and dollars driving it. 

TikTok Vector Logo

2. It’s fun! Brands can and NEED TO embrace creativity and music to be successful on TikTok – they can show themselves as fun and authentic rather than most of the photoshopped and corporate content we’re exposed to on other channels.

3. Marketers are tirelessly looking for ways to make their product or brand stand out on Facebook and Instagram, whilst consumers are being bombarded with these ads everywhere they turn. Dodging sponsored posts in Newsfeed and Stories is now the norm and even influencers who were at one point subtle, hit us over the head with those brands that pay the most. Which brings us to our next point…

4. Influencers 2.0. TikTok influencers don’t yet have the market power that we see in those with similar followings on the social channels we’re used to turning to. Accounts with similar reach and scale are charging much less due to the lower number of brands utilising influencer marketing on TikTok.

5. Facebook & Instagram are both saturated and are now solely focused on squeezing as much money out of advertisers as possible. In Australia (where we are), as with other countries that have had their Instagram likes removed – posts are now reaching approximately half of what they were before this change.

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