Should My Business be on Social Media?

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There’s an old adage – ‘if you hang around the barbershop long enough, you’re going to get a haircut’. Being on Social Media is simply about hanging out where your customers already are. 

All businesses need to adapt to the technological revolution. We’re not here to debate bricks-and-mortar vs e-commerce but digital channels are opening doors for businesses to be discovered and to stay top of mind. 

Now that you know you need to be here, let’s establish why. Your social objectives should ladder down from your broader business goal. Let’s use the traditional marketing funnel and compare each step with some social executions…

1. Awareness:
There is an ad unit within Facebook and Instagram that will literally allow you to buy based on ‘Brand Awareness’. They also share some Brand Awareness success stories here. Or you can buy against a ‘Reach’ objective – either is going to bring more consumers into your funnel.

sales funnel

2. Consideration:
Lead Generation, website traffic, video views, engagement or direct messages are all buying objectives that can help your brand to continue the conversation with consumers. This phase of the funnel is essential in helping to build trust and communicating how you can fulfil a consumer need.

3. Conversion:
The holy grail – getting your audience to part with their hard-earned cash. There are specific ad units designed to direct customers in-store or to buy online. Having trouble with that? Then it might be worth running an offer to allow consumers to redeem in-store or online – and once they’ve saved the offer they’ll receive notifications to drive redemption. Have you ever noticed that if you nearly buy something online that you’re then bombarded with their ads on your social media? Yeh, that’s no coincidence – that’s the brand retargeting you to complete the purchase – all made possible through pixel retargeting. 

4. Loyalty:
Hell of a lot cheaper to maintain an existing relationship than it is building a new one. So be sure to deliver value and reward customer loyalty. Consider ways to re-engage customers at appropriate times. 

5. Advocacy:
Have you ever had such a great experience with a brand that you’ve told friends or family about them? Word-of-mouth is the most trusted form of marketing so consider how you can equip your loyal customers with the tools to do this for you. Social sharing is one of these tools that require minimal effort from consumers and free reach for your business.

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