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Updated: Jan 6, 2020

Dear marketers, please stop posting your TV commercials on social media. 

People are no longer sitting in front of a TV waiting for their show to return. As marketers, we need to stand out from the crowd and you now have 2 seconds to do that as they flick through various social newsfeeds - potentially whilst watching TV at the same time. Facebook recently announced that the average attention span is now 7 seconds. This is why 60-second ads designed for television are not suitable for social. This is also why we are in the era of 6-second ads

So let’s break down how you need to market to goldfish…

  1. Sequential messaging. Be single-minded in each separate piece of content that you create. Start with awareness - you need to introduce yourself before you start talking to them. Then use retargeting to land your next message, so on and so forth. Make sure that your video content has a consistent look and feel to help with brand recall.

  2. Be clear about the purpose of your content and demonstrate it within the first 3 seconds. This is known as creating ‘thumb-stopping’ content - i.e. forcing someone to stop scrolling through their newsfeed by catching their attention. It's very important so don’t beat around the bush - get whatever it is that you want to say or show in your video into the first 3 seconds. This is done to hook viewers in early and ensure viewer retention.

  3. The video needs to get the message across without sound - approx. 85% of social video is watched without audio.

  4. Which is why you may need subtitles, supers and graphic overlays to assist with getting your message across quickly.

  5. The majority of social video is consumed on a mobile device. Therefore you must ensure you’re making the most of that screen real estate. Conventional video is based on the 16:9 aspect ratio due to the shape of conventional television, but there’s no reason why social video should be restricted to such a small size. Shown below, it’s easy to see why both square (1:1) and vertical (9:16) perform better in social media.

Source: Facebook for Business

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