Client Work: The Fellas Socks

Lowering the Facebook Ads cost per acquisition (CPA) by 73%.

The Fellas Socks is a boutique, independent retailer based in Sydney, Australia. When we started working with ‘The Fellas’, they had tried several marketing agencies that had failed to deliver consistent results. By auditing the extensive ad account, setting up website retargeting, expanding audience segments and spending consistently, we reduced their cost per acquisition by a staggering 73%. The three key actions that drove this result included:

  1. Identifying and expanding profitable audiences 
  2. Creating fit-for-purpose social media assets
  3. Building a social sales funnel

Facebook Audience

Retargeting those website users that visited the site but didn't purchase is now the most efficient ad campaign.

Ad Creative

We identified the trend of creative fatigue and have put measures in place to serve targeted and fresh content on social.

Social Sales Funnel

Through social retargeting, we are able to take social media users from unaware to buyer, all within Facebook/Instagram.

The Fellas Socks