Client Results:
Strung Out Tennis

3220% Return on Ad Spend │ 2012% Sales Growth in 4 Months

We started working with Strung Out Tennis in mid-2021, shortly after the traditional brick-and-mortar retailer had established an online presence. As a specialty tennis, squash and racquetball retailer, they stock a broad range of racquets, apparel and accessories. 

Strung Out has had a physical retail presence in Moore Park, Sydney since 1992 and has benefited from relatively strong domestic awareness within the local Tennis industry. The Digi Den was engaged to set up their paid digital advertising in a bid to grow their online sales. Having set up their Google Ads (previously Adwords) and Facebook advertising channels Strung Out has experienced strong growth, now four months on. We have sustainably grown month-on-month sales, now 2012% above baseline, ensuring our cost per acquisition (CPA) maintains profitability. Our deliverables for the locally owned business include: 

  1. Setting up and integrating Google and Facebook Ads with the website. Including a live inventory feed. 
  2. Achieving a 3220% Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) 
  3. Growing Sales 2012% in just four months


Initially, we set up a live product feed from the Strung Out Tennis website so that we could serve ads based on product inventory and reduce ad wastage.


Within four months, the Google Ads account was generating consistent online sales at a Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) at 5% of the average order value (AOV).


We pride ourselves on being an ROI-focused e-commerce agency, and we've profitably scaled online sales more than 2000% in just four months.

Strung Out Tennis Sydney