Client Results: Haircarebear Australia

From 0% to 5% Google Ads conversion rate

We started working on Haircarebear in mid-2020, well over a year after the brand had commenced selling online. The brand had three core SKU’s of vitamin gummies under the Haircarebear masterbrand. The primary advertising channels to that point were organic social media advertising and paid google search. Previous focus had centred around lowering the cost-per-click (CPC) to attracting consumers to the website, however we shifted this to be centred on the cost to acquire a customer. Whilst the CPC is an important variable, we wanted to ensure we were attracting users that went on to purchase online, rather than just visiting the site. Our deliverables for the Australian owned brand were three fold: 

  1. Google Ads Cost Per Acquisition
  2. Website Conversion Rate 
  3. Average Order Value


Through conversion tracking and optimising the Google Ads account, we grew ad conversion from 0% to 5%.


Within three months, the Google Ads account cost per acquisition was 10.3% of the average order value.


By introducing and promoting bundles or 'monthly' supplies in addition to re-engaging existing customers, we grew AOV.

Haircarebear ACV Gummies