5 Tools to Explode Lead Generation

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LinkedIn Mail
LinkedIn claims InMail is 3X more effective than email. That’s their paid tool but why not just use their free messaging functionality? LinkedIn allows you to message connections, so start filling your network with potential leads and get messaging. For those looking for ways to find potential leads, consider LinkedIn Groups. Not only can they help you identify those within your targeted industries or roles but you can also message members in the same group without needing to be a connection.

Put some thought into your message… be polite, be concise, try to establish trust through a mutual connection and ensure you lead with the benefit your product or service can provide. Of course, there’s a paid mechanic that allows you to message anyone on LinkedIn for those looking to take this tactic further.

Search engine marketing allows you to serve an ad to an audience that are proactively looking for your product or service. Read that again. Not only are these leads ready to buy but you don’t pay a cent until they actually click on your ad. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is the quickest and easiest way to start generating loads of leads.

Before you dive in, be sure to have your landing page optimised to capture leads. Search engines factor in your bid amount as well as your ad quality score, which is made up of:

Lead Generation tactics
  1. Relevance;
  2. Click-through-rate (both historical and expected);
  3. Landing Page (low bounce rate & high time on site = better quality score)

A good quality score paired with a competitive bid will be enough to see you start generating quality leads.

Search Retargeting Display
For those looking to employ the use of a more visual or creative lead gen tactic, search retargeting on the Google Display Network will allow you to serve rich media (images/video) to those that are searching for your products or services. This can be an efficient lead generating strategy where the Google Search (PPC) network is highly competitive in your industry. In this instance, let your competitors try to out-bid each other and get creative in how you can get users to click through to your website.

High-value content offer (HVCO)
A high-value content offer is a technique that offers something of value in exchange for a user’s personal details. It could be a whitepaper, e-book, report, guide, webinar or anything else that will help to incentivise a user to hand over their contact details. 74% of prospects choose the company that was first to help them along their buyer’s journey.

This is one of the most effective ways for B2B marketers to cut through on social media. But ensure your headline and the offer itself is attention-grabbing, loaded with intrigue (to make users click-through) and full of quality… remember, you’re trying to establish your brand as the authority on the topic so that the user feels compelled to learn more… and buy.

No bells and whistles here but consider this… Consumers are rarely ready to buy on their first interaction with a brand or business. So why not fill your sales funnel with leads that you can educate and build trust with over time? It’s claimed that email generates an average Return on Investment of 3,800% and whilst this will vary by industry, there’s no debating the effectiveness of email in nurturing and converting leads.